Sunday, 30 September 2012

30 days of finding feminine: Day 12

Day 12

 OK, so although the premise of this thing was that I didn’t buy anything new -  It’s about just wearing what I have differently…
I’m having real trouble with the shoes.

My trouble us that I don’t have any ‘normal’ ones...
They’re all studded or laced or chunky heels, glittered, animal print, pony skin, fringed, wedge trainers, converse…
 They all shout for attention.
It’s because I sometimes build an outfit around a shoe, so it has to stand up for itself.

 They have to bring something to the table.

The whole idea behind this experiment is to be quietly feminine.
 The only shouting I should be hearing are guys…shouting for my attention.!

Anyway, I’m finding that the shoes I have are adding a fashion edge to my outfits that I can do without.
So I purchase 2 pairs of stilettos. One pair in black (Emmanuel alt would be proud) and one pair in white (there’s your LK Bennet… Blammo)
Now I can 'girlify' anything I choose...and not a stud, jem or buckle in sight.


Question is, what am I gonna do with these bad boys after this jig is up??...
Well, a girl can never have too many shoes they say…

All photographs by John Lawrence

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