Sunday, 23 February 2014

Pastel power: Day 1

White leather biker jacket – Miss Selfridge

Pink sequin skirt – Topshop Unique
Snakeskin boots – Zara
Grey T-shirt – Miss Selfridge
Oversize clutch – Martin Margelia for H&M


My first attempt.
I’m a sucker for a sequin and this skirt ticked all my boxes.

 Oversize, pale pink Paillettes on a pencil skirt (blimey!! Try saying that when you’re drunk...not that I ever am….) in my favourite mid calf length
 …and how much you say??....In the sale??.. reduced from £250 to….What?? £40??... I’ll take it, it fact I’ll take two!! (ed: Stop now.)

I felt a bit like a mermaid – albeit one with a fashion focus, and seeing as it was my first attempt and at an early stage in the proceedings, I allowed myself a comfort blanket.
  I teamed the skirt with one of my favourite things in the whole world – no, not Michael Fassbender or George Clooney – just a simple grey T shirt. You can never have too many of those babies, as my collection is beginning to demonstrate.

And finally – A way to wear a white leather biker jacket without looking like an extra from a Miami Vice party scene.
 Thought it added a bit of edge to an outfit which could quickly have become sickly sweet.


Some print for texture.
My favourite snakeskin boots make a reappearance .

I had fun with the accessory choice, and seeing as I felt like I had just fallen out of a sweet shop, what better way to carry about all my gubbins’ than in a giant sweetie wrapper?
Oohh, the irony…

All in all, I didn’t find this too strange.

In fact, I quite enjoyed it.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not adverse to a bit of colour, but neon's are usually my drug of choice.

Pastels have never really been on my radar. They always felt slightly insipid and a little draining. Colours that couldn’t quite make up their mind what they were…

-‘Am I pink, or am I white?’ - you know??

Neon's seem more committed somehow. They go in hard…and then they take the ball home…

But yes, my pastel pink pencil skirt has wooed me into considering the lighter shade of colour

It is a girlie option, but I can make it my own.
Yes, they could be my friend.
All photographs by John Lawrence

Pastel Power

                                                  The shenanigans continue....
Anyone who knows me knows I am not a girly girl.
Yes – I like to look like a lady every now and then, but I've always favoured a biker boot over a ballet slipper any day of the week.
So it didn’t escape my notice around the end of last year, when the new-fangled saying ‘winter pastels’ started to be whispered on the fashion wind, quickly gaining momentum through the winter and quite frankly slapping me in the face with the onset of spring.

I’ve never been one to shy away from a fashion challenge, as I think my ’30 days of feminine’ shows.
'I'll 'ave a bit of that' said my creative personality, revelling in the possibility of yet another styling challenge...
'Hmmm, but the question is...' argued my more subdued self...'Can you cope with looking like you've been set upon by a packet of Refreshers on the run from the newsagents?'....
Is it possible to be pastel pink and still punk?...
Could I still be bitchin’ in baby blue??...
I was going to have fun finding out...