Thursday, 13 September 2012

30 days of finding feminine: Day 5

Day 5

       Yellow embroidered mini dress
Yellow T-bar shoes
‘How Rosemary's baby of you’ is what I say to myself as I leave the house.
Followed by:

‘Jeez!...this dress is shoorrttt!!’

 Dress - Miss Selfridge
By the time I’ve got my arm up to go through my bag, it’s a couple of centimetres shorter and the furrows in my brow are a couple of centimetres deeper.

I’m due to have a meeting with my Creative Director today to present my window scheme concept. She has been in the business for years. She’s a little bit famous and very well respected.
    ‘What’s this look about today?’ she asks.
 I remind her about my project.
 ‘Ahh’ she remembers.
‘Well you know me Nicola’ (and I do)
‘I would tell you the truth’(and she would)
 'and I think you look really nice…but I think you look nice all the time.
You should wear your hair down more. It looks lovely.'
 Shoes - Topshop
Conclusion? The softness seems to be working for the ladies, but the gentlemen are still being shy…
Or are they?...
Doing a spot of window shopping at lunchtime, a guy runs up to me out of breath. I gather he’s been running for a while.
He says I look really nice, asks me where I’m from and then asks for my number.
By this point I guess that this is where the conversation is headed but figure this is gonna be more of a 'thanks, but no thanks' game although I admire his spirit and courage (it’s a brave man who will approach me as we’ve established …)

He’s friendly and polite and I always think it’s flattering when anyone declares an interest, no matter who they are… so in return I am also friendly and polite.
I offer to take his number instead. He says ‘let me put it in as I need to see the numbers to remember them’....
Hmmmm…odd, I think but who knows, it might be a new phone??...

Cheeky bugger puts his number in as quick as a flash and then calls himself!!!

 ‘Now I have your number too!’ he says excitedly.
‘Yes’ I reply deadpan… ‘you certainly do’ smiling through teeth that are somewhat gritted…
What he won’t have however, is a reply to his call as he’s in my address book as:
DO NOT ANSWER THIS...... (mobile)

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