Tuesday, 11 September 2012

30 days of finding feminine: Day 4

Day 4
Grey sleeveless t-shirt
Grey denim shorts
Grey heels
Hair down
Nude lip
Conundrum…. What to wear to the Tate Modern?...
Potential singletons hanging out there could be just my type. Geeky looking creative types are my Achilles heel....
I need to work within the confines of the experiment, but not get stuck wearing the same thing day in, day out – that feels like a cop out and a good friend of mine once told me 'repeating is cheating' (although we weren't talking about grey t-shirts at the time...)
Sunglasses - Monki, T-shirt - H&M
I feel like what I wear today needs to relate to the venue I’m in.
Its too hot for black, and white today would be too impractical (planning a spot of sunbathing on any patch of green I can get my ass on.)

Customised shorts and shoes - Miss Selfridge
So I take the middle ground and go for grey - again. Maybe I'll blend in to all that concrete and steel....That is supposed to be what I'm aiming for isn't it??
As I stand and look at myself in the mirror, I am surprised at how comfortable I feel. My usual instinct would be to reach for a studded cuff, a necklace or a pair of earrings (and on some days, all three) to add what I would consider a St Louis signature to this outfit, but today that feels unnatural….
It’s all me.

There’s no distraction, nothing to complicate matters and more importantly …nowhere for me to hide.
I’m not even wearing a watch…Jackie would be proud.
It occurs to me that all though my posturing confidence, I have actually been hiding behind my clothes for a long time, and not just my clothes. My hair, my makeup, my accessories… I haven’t actually wanted anyone to look at me… even though my choice of wardrobe has implied the opposite.

I’ve been trying to distract with ‘the ole razzle dazzle’ because I haven’t wanted anyone to actually see me… my face, my body. In case I came up short and was found wanting…

Wow…there’s a revelation of biblical proportions….
Well, I guess it is a Sunday.

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