Friday, 7 September 2012

30 days of finding feminine: Day 2

Day 2

Grey knotted front maxi
Blue shirt dress
Event night...
Start the day in a grey jersey maxi dress slashed and knotted at the front .

 I never show my body this much and I can’t work out what’s worse… legs or belly. So I opt for belly, but as I leave the house, I'm not sure if I've made the right choice.

...But the boys seem to like it…..

(Grey knotted dress - Miss Selfridge)

Later that evening, I’m heading to an event at the V and A.

It’s a private view to celebrate their new british ballgown exhibition and the St. Louis of old would have tried to give them a run for their money (I love a ball dress and belted cardi, me…)

But no, instead I am in my long blue button down shirt dress and 2 buttons out of my comfort zone.

  Suitable V and A attire methinks…
It says clean and contemporary…let's see if it can attract a man with similar sensibilities.

(Blue shirt dress - St. Louis Couture)
….Nope….Not a sniff.
 But the distinct lack of any men at the event may have had something to do with it……

I go and drown my sorrows in a curry and a crate full of poppadum’s….

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