Tuesday, 4 September 2012

30 days of finding feminine: Day 1

Day 1

nude lip
soft ponytail
black jacket
white shirt
diamante necklace
black tux trousers with white stripe
sliver wedge trainers (not exactly on message I know, but I'm gettin' there.)

Drag myself to work - a tad late – can my lethargy be down to my new mode or something deeper?? ( Ed - that's a whole different article...)

Sit next to a hot guy on the tube - Correction - He sits next to Me.

Proper giving me the eye, even knocks my foot, looks me in the eye - holding my gaze - smiles and says sorry...

Keeps looking at me in the reflection in the window opposite.

'This could be a goer!' says the devil/angel on my shoulder....

Just as I'm building up courage for a spot of reciprocation, I notice him looking at his phone...
What's that?
Whose is that small baby?
Who is that gorgeous, laughing woman holding the baby?
Why is she lying on a bed with the baby?

Conclusion??.....He could have been looking at his baby.
He could have been looking at his girlfriend....

...but I could definitely see him looking at my ass as I got off the tube....

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