Tuesday, 2 October 2012

30 days of finding feminine: Day 13

Day 13

Black skinny jeans
Long black jumper
Black stilettos

Feel very anonymous today, quite interested in my reaction to that.

 …Not sure if I like it.

…What does that mean??

Doesn’t help that the day is grey… I’m grey…I’m blending in.
That’s what I wanted.
Going home to clear out some cupboards of my remaining stuff so that my dad can finally have some more space.

I have the feeling it's gonna be dirty work but bring femininity to my outfit in the form of an off the shoulder jumper, a flash of velvet bra and some killer heels.

I can't say it feels approriate for shifting boxes around, but I guess a real 'lady' probably wouldn't be doing that in the first place!!

I’m also thinking that my old Louis V is gonna turn up…I know I would never have thrown that out.

I expect John to comment or say something, but he doesn’t.


Jumper - All Saints  

Bra - Topshop                                    
Thing is, he’s seen me in so many get ups over the years, he’s probably built up some sort of St. Louis immunity.

                                                                             Customised jeans - Zara
Didn’t find my Louis V, but had a lot of fun looking at tons of old pictures of myself in my younger (hey) days – What was that black lipstick all about?... And some of those uni garms..Jesus!!

No wonder everyone used to come to me for fancy dress costumes!!

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