Wednesday, 19 September 2012

30 days of finding feminine: Day 8

Day 8

In the spirit of the bank holiday, I decide to dress for the occasion:
High waisted navy pinstripe trousers
Grey vest (note to self: must find another colour to wear on top…)
Red nails – research dictates that they can be seen to be quite ladylike
No jewellery

…Red, white (well grey) and  blue… How patriotic!!

As it seems I’m going for a demure vintage look, I match my lipstick to my nails…just like the ladies used to...
Vest - Zara     Trousers - vintage

Tonight I’m off to see Norah Jones at the Royal Festival Hall...This look feels appropriate.

And a much as I love the place, it is the perfect place to study the art of ‘anti fashion industry’ dressing.

It's an LK Bennett crowd…not a stiletto, wedge or flatform high heel in sight. Full of families running amok and couples everywhere.

Shoes - office
On the whole the ladies are all going for a Kate/Pippa Middleton look. Very classic…wrap dresses and flat shoes…possibly a leather jacket if they’re feeling frisky…

Is this what I'm supposed to be aspiring to? I wonder as some child clambers over my chair towards me – intent on getting me to give her all my attention. ‘Watch it’ I think. I’ve studied super nanny to degree standard.
This isn't me. Not the real version of myself that I would be happy with…Not now at least. But, in for a penny, in for a pound....

Obviously these people have more to worry about than what colour they are going to paint their nails and how to create a window scheme on a 50p budget that looks like it was designed by a creative genius.

But you know what?....I’ve decided that I quite like worrying about these things for the moment…

So this thing is definitely about dialling down the crazy, removing the 'razzle dazzle', not hiding behind my clothes and actually getting confident that me, Nicola St. Louis stripped bare is enough.
As the song says ‘How can they see with sequins in their eyes?’

God, I love a show tune!...

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