Sunday, 28 October 2012

30 days of finding feminine: Day 21

                              Day 21

Grey slashed sleeve sweatshirt

Tailored black leather shorts

Black stilettos
The sun is out today.. and so are my legs.

Let’s hope that the months of being hidden (actually, that should be years... St. Louis only gets her pins out on hols where no one knows me…) doesn’t shock them into incapacity like a deer in headlights.

Came over all Braveheart in the safety confines of my bedroom.
The conversation in my head went like this:
‘Come on Nick, the suns out. Let’s make that change, just like Michael Jackson said, and your legs ain’t actually looking that bad in the mirror’…
‘Ooh no, let’s just do a maxi dress instead. I’ll compromise and make it the one with the high splits up the sides and the buttons down the front??..’
‘Bollocks. Get them shorts on…’
My life coach may define this as me ‘Taming my Gremlin’(excellent book by the way…)
I’m inclined to define it as mild schizophrenia.

Needless to say, the short distance between my flat and the bus stop has mostly been spent pulling down my shorts, putting my hands in my pockets to gain an extra couple of millimeters length, checking behind me to see if anyone is laughing uncontrollably at my thighs and wishing to God I’d worn something else.
By the time I’ve got off the bus, the coat I have oh so nonchalantly slung over my bag is well and truly on my back in a vain effort to cover some skin.

…However, now I just look like a flasher.

Whose idea was this anyway??

I’m betrayed by the weather (things are not going well) by the time I have to leave the office for an off site meeting in the morning, the sun’s gone in and I look like the girl who was a tad too eager…


Then my shoes betray me.

I’ve grown close to my black stilettos, I feel like they understand my quest and will become something of a lifelong friend. However, they refuse to stay on my feet and decide to they want to become mules.

It’s probably something to do with my feet shrinking due to the fact that I’m freezing, but I’m looking like a little girl playing dress up in her mums heels as I walk down the road.

Oh shoe God, why hast thou forsaken me??!!

Put my short shorts to the test after work as I head out for some quality ‘wine time’ with Katy P from work at Soho House.
Get some attention , but no declarations…and I’m still freezin’!!


I do however draw a bit of a crowd when I'm taking the picures for this post. 2 guys run over from the pub accross the road.
'Alright darlin'. We've all been watching ya. Can we 'ave a picture?'
They make me laugh so much with their cheekiness, of course I oblige...Like I said before. If a guy makes me laugh, I'm likely to have his children...

Here's to ya, you cheeky chappies!x

All photographs by John Lawrence

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