Wednesday, 24 October 2012

30 days of finding feminine: Day 19

Day 19

Black circle skirt

Cream blouse with black neck tie

Black stilettos

Black bow headband

Tempted though I was by the obligatory driving rain of the British summer to wear a pair of jeans this morning, in honour of the repair of my Sankyo CM300 8mm camera, I decide to go for a retro 50's 'Sandra Dee' look…
Shirt - Topshop
Skirt - Miss Selfridge

OK, ok. So they only made that camera for 7 years during the 70s, but the purists will just have to close their ears!

Really going for it today and even dig out an old headband to complete the look (it’s got a bow on it, but is less Lady Gaga, more Lady Di….)

This one’s quite extreme for me, but I’m glad because I have a meeting with the PR girls and Jackie Dixon about our Christmas Look Book shoot this morning, and with all the fashion know how in the room, I’m wondering what the reaction will be….

Jackie is speechless when she sees me – even more so than the last time.

‘I didn’t actually think I could be more shocked!’ she manages to whisper eventually…’This is a TV programme in the making…’

Lisa, our PR manager tells me 'You look soooo swweeeet Nicks, I can't believe it... You look like Alice in Wonderland' ....

...and then bursts out laughing.
Not quite sure if she's laughing with me or at me.
Six... - count 'em - Six people tell me I look like Alice in Wonderland today...

Yes, I do feel like I've disappeared down a rabbit hole...and right now, I'd give my right arm for the chance to rock a top hat and a snazzy waistcoat.
...Someone find me the Mad Hatter....And noone say 'look in the mirror'!

All Photographs and Picture Editing by John Lawrence

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