Friday, 19 October 2012

30 days of finding feminine: Day 17

Day 17

Black skater skirt
Denim shirt with exposed shoulder
Ruffled mac
Stiletto boot

Been on a voyage of discovery over this last week….Through my wardrobe.
Perhaps it was the re-imagining of my outfits that spurred it on.
The result has been a 3 fold realisation:

1.    I have some quite frankly amazing pieces in my wardrobe.

 Denim shirt - Vintage

2.    I have great fashion taste that needs to be shared with the world
      – That’s right, also found some confidence in there as well!!!
Jacket and skirt - Miss Selfridge

3.    I have bottom lip that is well and truly protruded because I can’t wear any of these treasures for another 13 days…..


Boots - Miss Selfridge

As a protest, I stay in all weekend.

Who am I kidding? I stay in every weekend.

All photographs by John Lawrence

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