Sunday, 21 October 2012

30 days of finding feminine: Day 18

Day 18 

Picture scene vintage dress
White stilettos

Jesus Christ on a bike!...

I am not happy.

If I was trying to find feminine, it certainly found me.
Anyone who knows me at all knows how left field this is for me.
I feel like I’ve gone for Grace Kelly and ended up Queen Mum….It’s as close to Kate Middleton as I’m gonna get…and it’s too close for comfort.

                                                                                          Dress - Vintage

Also noticed I’ve started to walk with a slight sway. Like I’m in a Doris Day film, about to swing around a lamppost and break into song.

                                           Shoes - Office

Makes me smile a lot though…Maybe it’s the flowers in the print.
Now there’s a thought. Bringing out my femininity, makes for a happier me.

Glasses - Monki

I’d be happier in studded cuff and a pair of pink Converse thank you very much!!
All photographs by John Lawrence

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