Sunday, 7 October 2012

30 days of finding feminine: Day 15

Day 15
Pussy bow blouse
Tight khaki cropped trousers
Grey peep toe stilettos

The half way point…What have I learnt?
1)    Boys are not afraid of a strong solid colour

2)    Yes, pencil skirts may be sexy, but they also slow me down

3)    A flash of foot vamp between the end of your trousers and the start of your shoe does look quite sexy actually.

4)    The boys prefer a delicate heel.

Is it 2 weeks that addicts find the most difficult point to get over?
 I am now seriously having ‘style gubbins’ withdrawal.

I am thinking of registering this at the centre for tropical diseases.
Working in fashion ain’t helping. I feel like a diabetic in a sweet shop...
Looking at my favourite blogs and mags is giving me clothes envy and it’s really starting to affect my moods.
I’m definitely eating more and going out less.
 I’m starting to feel like that last bit of orange squash you use when you know that there’s not really enough left for a full glass…..but you try to stretch it anyway…


Today I am wearing a pussy bow blouse.
It may be vintage.
It may be vintage Gucci.
…But it is still a pussy bow blouse.

Visually this is a big change and it triggers responses.
My Creative Director says. ‘You look nice again today, but how do you feel?..Are you OK?’
Maybe the look on my face says it all. Miserable.

Our comms assistant says: ‘You look very grown up today’.

 Really?, I feel soooo boring.

One of the girls at work asks me where my trousers are from. She says she thinks ‘they’re hot’....
At this stage, I would pay her to take them off me.

I go to see our Yvonna, our retoucher for a meeting. She cranes her neck up the stairs to see what I’m wearing. ‘What have you got on? She says excitedly.

‘Wow’ she says when I get  to the office door. ‘You’re soooo…’ she reaches for the words…’pared back.
‘Yeah.’ I mumble ‘So far out of my comfort zone, I’m sending for search and rescue’.

Well, I’ve got to suck it up.

Like Daniel Beddingfield.

…or a Thundercat in crisis.

All photographs by John Lawrence

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