Thursday, 1 November 2012

30 days of feminine: Day 22

Day 22 

Black skinny jeans
Grey marl vest
Black tail tux jacket
Black stilettos flats
Grey trilby

Day 22 and I’m already planning my come back.
Customised jeans - Zara
                                                                                                    Hat - Miss Selfridge

Will I remember how to clash a pattern?
Will I understand the importance of a shocking pink matte lip?

Will I remember how to produce the perfect 2 tone nail?...

I’m not actually sure.
Jacket - Zara, T-shirt - Miss Selfridge
What if I have to go to a halfway house for fashion craziness, where they re-educate people for their  re-entry into cutting edge fashion?
Maybe they’ll show me photos of my former outfits and try hypnotherapy and ink splodges...

‘Nicola. Does this look like a wedge, cone or banana heel?...
Oh dear nurse Higgins… Looks like we’re going to have to up the voltage…..’

I did however come across the first pair of flats that didn’t make me feel short,dumpy or fat today… So I bought 'em.

Well…in for a penny – loafer that is! Ha ha.
All photographs by John Lawrence

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