Friday, 21 December 2012

30 days of finding feminine: Day 30

Day 30

Black Margiela jacket

Light grey T-shirt
Grey cargos
Black stilettos

Cinema and a bite to eat with John in the newly gentrified Brixton village.

If I’m dressing for the occasion, obviously a pussy bow blouse and a pencil skirt ain’t gonna work so I try that messy Sunday, ‘can’t really be bothered…but look how I've just thrown this together oh so stylishly' charade -  Which seems to be the uniform round these parts....

Should fit right in amongst the coldharbour ciabattia chomping crowd.


There is a real effort not to make an effort which suits me just fine.
All this perching on stilettos is really starting to knacker me out…..

 John offers me a pair of furry leopard print gloves in an effort to enhance my feminine status.... I agree wholeheartedly. Any excuse to get my hands on more accessories.
Hmmmm. Methinks they make my hands look more like paws rather than ladies fingers!!!

All Photographs by John Lawrence

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