Thursday, 6 December 2012

30 days of finding feminine: Day 27

Day 27
Black Strapless Vintage Lace Dress
White stilettos


What to wear for an important meeting where I’m basically asking for cash??

(No clever dick answers please)

It has to mean business, still hint at a wealth of creativity, be sexy and feminine in order to comply with the rules of the experiment…and not set the feminist movement back 100 years.

Although to be fair this debate nay, this whole experiment has probably done that already!
I decide to plump for a black lace vintage strapless prom dress. It has the feel of an early Lily Allen….in mourning.



Manage to wrangle a part in a footwear size trial today. My size 40/41’s are measured and tickled and forced into heels that would never usually darken the St. Louis shoe cupboard.

It’s quite a good way to experiment with a new ‘shoe look’ and goes a long way to support my argument that ‘a shoe maketh an outfit sayeth the Lord...’

 Well, he might not, but I sure do, and the St. Louis foot just can’t pull of a nude peeptoe bow back wedge!!

I’m setting up a vintage press day, so I ditch my stilettos for my velvet slippers after the meeting (which was a success by the way – ahh, the power of an exposed collar bone!) so I’m still keeping the faith. Let’s just hope nothing falls on my foot…

I feel quite at home in a room full of mannequins, dressed in vintage, dancing around to Nina Simone – (that’s me, not the mannequins) creating some display magic.

Also feeling super girly in my silhouette today. It might have something to do with the fact I’ve cut out 3/4 of the skirt lining out of my lace dress, and I must have been half cut when I did it as it’s way above my usual decency levels.!

Pick up another pair of stilettos in the sale on the way home. I’m becoming a sucker for an exposed vamp….
All photographs by John Lawrence

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